I have a nut allergy and used your products and had an allergic reaction?

One of our ingredients Tamanu is derived from a nut tree. We state clearly on our website and packaging to not use our product if you have an allergy to nuts. Even though our products are 100% natural people still have allergic reactions to natural ingredients and we urge all our clients to read the ingredients list. Senoa will not be held liable for anyone who does not read our precautions on our labels or packaging however we value our client’s health and safety and hope that you are okay.

I have a Berry allergy can I use your products?

Unfortunately, our main ingredients are derived from a range of natural berry oils, so if you have an allergy to berries you will not be able to use our products.

Do your products protect against UVA & UVB Exposure?

Whilst we strongly believe in the natural UV protection of Berry Seed oils this is not yet recognized by the FDA, so we highly recommend using a sunscreen protection prior to applying our protects to your skin. Senoa will not be held liable for anyone who does not apply sunscreen protection when using any of our products on their skin and face. It is important to practice sun safety and whilst our products have amazing benefits to sun exposed skin it is still particularly important to practice these steps when exposed to the sun.

Do you guarantee results?

We trust in our products and the power of their natural ingredients however we cannot guarantee that everyone will get the results that they are after due to different skin types, different needs and certain underlying issues that would be out of our control.

Do your products contain any nasties?

All Senoa products are made of 100% natural ingredients, we do not use any artificial ingredients. Every single ingredient comes from a plant or natural source and is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Our products focus on the best ingredient’s nature has to offer allowing our bodies to benefit from the power of nature. Our bottles are also 100% recyclable plastic.

Do your products contain peptides?

No our product is 100% natural and whilst peptides are naturally created in our body, having them in a skin care product means that it has come from a lab. We believe your body is designed to create its own natural tan without the use of accelerates and can definitly be done through natural ingredients that nurture your skin.

Can i burn using your Sun Tan Oil?

Yes, if you do not practice the right sun safety and apply regular sunscreen as described on our bottles you can definitly get a sun burn. It is up to each individual clients disgression to determine when their skin has had enough of the sun or when to reapply sunscreen. Whilst we can recommend the right steps, you have to be responsible for the care of your skin and SENOA will not be held liable for any irresponsible decisions around sun safety as we believe it is important to protect your skin no matter what!